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Our Training Methods

Make the Dog House a Thing of the Past!

Every dog is different so we embrace a "tool box" full of different training tools and methods. Using a balanced approach to dog training, we use pressure and release training, Syn Alia training, e-collar and positive reinforcement training techniques. Basically, whatever training will fit each individual dog. 

At Bark & Biscuit our mission is to help you acquire the skills needed to properly communicate with your dog in a way he or she can understand. Our goal is that with this understanding, you and your dog can have a healthy and balanced relationship. We believe that in learning the power of strong leadership and communication, creating a great relationship can be fun for both owner and dog. Our training style focuses on creating balance in your dog and personalizing a program that is easy for the owners to follow.

Pressure and release training is known as balanced training, using a combination of spatial, verbal, physical and psychological pressure. The basic idea is pressure on, pressure off. 

E-Collar or remote collar training uses an electronic collar to communicate with the dog. Using the lowest level of stimulation possible (typically around a level 2-6, out of 100!) we help the dog understand what we are asking of him or her during training and in the real world. 

Syn Alia training system or SATS was developed by world famous animal trainer Kayce Cover. It focuses on creating solid relationships that make all participants stronger. "In order for this to happen, all our relationships need to be mutually beneficial, mutually responsible, mutually respectful, and always conducted with integrity. The hybrid words, 'Syn Alia' literally mean 'With Others', in Latin." We recognize that dogs can be aware, thinking and responsible partners to us. SATS teaches the dog to manage their own emotions and discover the difference between emotional states. It sets them up to become effective learners. To help guide the dog to optimal performance we use language to give the animal information for future use. Just like us, they deserve to know what our training goals for them are and should receive adequate feedback on their progress.
Part of what makes SATS so effective is perception modification and bridge and target training. Perception modification assists the animal and the person to perceive the world around them differently than before. This is highly effective in helping dogs with fear or reactivity issues to see the world as a less scary place. Bridge and target training is a method which uses targets to help describe and define behaviors for the dog in training.  

We teach not only how to correct bad behaviors but how to help your dog learn to make the right decisions on their own resulting in fewer corrections. 

We focus on four different levels of training.

  1.  The Learning Phase: Where we teach your dog the meaning of a command.

  2. The Distraction Phase: Where we teach your dog to follow the command as we increase the levels of distraction.

  3. The Correction Phase: Where we correct the dog for not following a command it knows.

  4. The Maintenance Phase: Where we teach you how to maintain and up keep the training for the life of your dog.

Methods: Our Methods
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