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Can't recommend Bark & Biscuit enough! I have a Blue Heeler Mix that has had anxiety and fear issues since I brought her home. I tried as hard as I could on my own and was just lost on what to do till we found Bark & Biscuit. After working with other trainers with other dogs for years, I was blown away by the level they go to make sure your dog is being trained how they should be. Using tools the right way and really going above and beyond to ensure I was guided along the journey too to help continue training and give my pup the best life at home as I can. My dog has gone through both training programs, Calm Canine and Dream Dog. Ryan and the team has never not responded to any question I've had no matter how small or large. It can be a hard thing to do to trust others with your dog and send them away from home for a week or three weeks but I wouldn't trust anyone else. If you are looking for a trainer don't look any further especially if you have a nervous pup too.

Erin Carlisle

I could not be happier with the care and training my dog Norman received during his stay at Bark and Biscuit’s dream dog program. Before I got him, Norman had been through some tough circumstances which left him fearful, overly anxious, and unable to relax. Thanks to Ryan, Ashley, and the Bark and Biscuit team, Norman is now able to walk calmly on a leash, ride in the car, and show off his good dog manners. The best though is a dream come true; Norman off leash hiking and loving it!

Ryan, Ashley, and the team at Bark and Biscuit are knowledgeable, caring professionals who went above and beyond to ensure Norman’s success in becoming a fun loving, well mannered dog. I can highly recommend Bark and Biscuit for any training or behavioral issue needs your canine companion may have. You and your dog will be ever so happy with the results!

Renee Argyle

I’ve searched for years and tried many trainers. Bark and Biscut is the best! They have never failed to return a call when I’ve had a question or concern about my puppy and needed help, even a year out from when I purchased my initial training package. I highly recommend them. When they’ve come to my home to train, they aren’t in a hurry to leave and have offered training and tips that have made our puppy happier and helped us enjoy our dog more. I’ve also been very happy with the care our dog received when she was boarded with them.

Mindi Rich

After weeks of research and comparing dog trainers in SLC, Bark & Biscuit was the clear winner. Lara and Ryan have been working with my 4.5 month old Aussie/Great Pyrenees mix, Bernie, for 10 days and he has come home looking so confident and stimulated! We did the Calm Puppy program and they exceeded expectations. They sent me photos every day with updates on Bernie's progress which was very appreciated. When they dropped Bernie off at home, they gave me a comprehensive lesson that answered all my questions and trained ME on how I can continue to give Bernie the stimulation he needs to be a calm, confident pup. I get 2 more sessions which I'm so excited for! I feel so confident knowing I have them to lean on and look forward to sending Bernie to the Dream Dog program when he turns 6 months. They also give you discounts on boarding and offer daycare, I just don't know what other dog trainers offer that level of partnership. Thanks again guys and keep doing your amazing work!!


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