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Structured Socialization & Fun

Our Struc­tured Day­care oper­ates on a rota­tion plat­form. Our pro­gram incor­po­rates con­trolled play, exer­cise, men­tal stim­u­la­tion, social­iza­tion and rest, all of which are vital to the well being and development of your dog. We keep our pack numbers small. Our staff are well trained pro­fes­sion­als and to them the well being of your pet is held in the high­est regard. Because of these factors many dogs who struggle in a traditional daycare setting thrive in our structured daycare.

$4.00 per hour Monday-Friday

Max. charge $35 per day

$5.00 per hour Saturday and Sunday

Max charge $40 per day

Ask us about our multidog discounts.