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Puppy Training

Get started on the right paw

Puppy Kindergarten is intended for dogs 8 weeks - 6 months old.

So you have a new fuzzy bundle of fur. Now is the time to get started teaching them all the things they will need to know to become a balanced, well-behaved adult. Our puppy training is a great way to start your pup in the right paw.

***In-home appointments only available to clients in Salt Lake County and Southern Davis County. ***

Puppy's can practice calm too. Elevate Your Puppy's Potential: Elite Training for a Well-Behaved and
Puppy Training: Services
Where Excellence Meets Puppyhood: Premium Training for a Brighter Canine Future

The Patient Puppy Program

Our "D.I.Y." Puppy Program

Do you have a new puppy and have no idea where to begin? We can help you with potty training, puppy biting and any of those pesky puppy behaviors before they become habit.  During this program we will go over everything you need to know about new puppy ownership.


  • Training Leash (also training collar if needed)

  • Training Videos

  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support for a year

  • Admission into our FREE on-leash client Pack Walks held in the spring and fall. ​

1 day of drop off with us + 4 private lessons

Lessons consist of:

1 private appointment at our facility the day of drop off

2 virtual follow-up appointments

1 additional virtual or in-facility appointment around 6-12 months of age


Exceptional Puppy Training for Discerning Pet Parents: Setting the Standard of Success

The Calm Puppy Program

Puppy Start Right School

Barking, chewing, play biting, and jumping are to be expected from a puppy.  Besides helping you maintain your sanity, early training and socialization is essential to helping your puppy grow into an enjoyable, well-rounded dog. It can prevent common behavior problems like fear-based aggression and anxiety later in life. We will teach you how to start curbing these behaviors before they become habits so that they don't become a problem later.

Your puppy will come home with the tools, skills and foundation to help you build an enduring bond.


  • 6 concepts: Sit, Down, Place, Off, Leash Manners (Walking on a loose leash), Impulse Control

  • Training Videos

  • Go home Packet with instructions on maintaining the training

  • All necessary training tools, a leash and a cot bed.

  • Unlimited phone, text and email support for a year

  • Sleepovers at one of our trainer's homes.

  • Basic bath on go home day

  • Admission into our FREE on-leash client Pack Walks.

7 day stay with us + 3 private  lessons!

Lessons consist of:

3 private in-home lesson


Puppy Training: Services
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