Ashley Wolf-Heidt

Experienced Dog Trainer
& Founder of Bark & Biscuit

Hi! I am founder and owner of Bark & Biscuit, Inc.  All my life I have had a love for animals, but dogs have always held a special place in my heart. Many years ago, I had a dog, Zuke who had some serious behavioral issues, including pretty bad aggression towards most things that moved. I sought out trainer after trainer, paying incredible amounts of money for very little help and support. So I know first hand what it's like to feel frustrated and hopeless.  I'm here to tell you there is hope! I started B&B with the goal of giving the support so widely sought but so rarely found when working with a dog trainer. I wanted to build a business that would give owners the help they ACTUALLY need.With over 12 years of professional dog training experience, my goal is to help owners have better relationships with their dogs, thus keeping more dogs from being surrendered and providing the best possible service to my clients. I attend seminars and workshops every chance I get to become more knowledgeable and stay up-to-date on the latest tools and techniques. I have had the honor of learning from some of the best trainers in the world; Marc Goldberg, Kacey Cover,  Heather Beck, Cesar Milan and more.With over 35 years of pet ownership under my belt, I understand the importance of being able to find someone you can really trust and rely on to take care of your dog. After all, they are part of your family! I know that for my clients there is a need for something different than the traditional dog care available around every corner. I have spent years searching for and training the best team and am happy to share with you the product of that expertise, Bark & Biscuit!

Ryan and Hobbes.jpg

Ryan Wolf-Heidt

Head Trainer

When I was a kid, our family adopted a dog named Freckles, a chocolate lab/dalmation mix. We loved Freckles, but we quickly realized that she had some behavioral issues that we did not have the tools to fix. She exhibited aggressive behaviors, so much so that sometimes it was even a little scary for me to try to get on my own bed if she was there. I spent most of my childhood around dogs and other animals, but this time, it was different. I grew up wondering exactly what went wrong in her life, and I always wanted to learn how to fix it. Years later I was laid off from my professional office job. I suddenly had a lot of free time to decide what I wanted out of life. My mind always wandered back to Freckles, wondering if I could develop the skills to help dogs like her and their owners have a better life. I began reading and watching everything about dogs I could get my hands on and listening to every podcast my google searches rendered. I studied and developed my own ideas about dog training, then flew out to Los Angeles to shadow Tanya Yarborough and attend her Pack Leadership seminar. After that I began to work with dogs independently but I was still seeking a mentor and a job with a company that shared my ideology. In 2016, I interviewed with Ashley at Bark & Biscuit and I was immediately impressed with the care and ideas she had about her clients and their pets. Since starting at B&B, I have had the opportunity to run hundreds of off leash hikes, train numerous clients and their dogs and learn from some of the greatest trainers in the world. I am always focused on expanding my knowledge  as a trainer. I aspire to be the best trainer that I can and to build life long relationships with our clients and their dogs. I know each animal is different, and I’ll work with yours to give them guidance that is tailored to their needs.


Lara Latourelle

Assistant Trainer

Growing up, I was the weird kid that wanted to be a dog and chose to hang out with my dog as a kid instead of playing with other kids. I am a grown up now, and nothing has changed. I have been in the professional dog field for 7 years now and it is the most awarding job I have ever experienced. 
In my early 20’s I began watching dogs overnight and running daycare groups at my home in Santa Cruz, CA. I learned so much by caring for dogs 24/7 with no days off and loved every minute of it!  It helped me realize my purpose in life is to help dogs be the best and happiest that they can be. From providing structure and guidance or just play and love-they deserve the best treatment in this world. 
California got a little too expensive for me so I moved to an apartment in Salt Lake and knew I had to continue learning and working with dogs. After a year at a boarding resort here, I found Bark & Biscuit. Because of my skills and knowledge I quickly moved up to general manager. Dog owners are my favorite kind of people and getting to connect and help them and their dogs is the best occupation I could ask for.
I have loved working for Bark & Biscuit since fall of 2018. I thought I knew a lot about dogs before I started working for B&B, but Ashley and Ryan have taught and continue to teach me so much about dog training and behavior.


Emma Southerland

I've been around dogs and animals my entire life, but never thought about having a job in this industry until I had an opportunity to work at an animal shelter in Northern Arizona. The work was crazy, hard, and brought me to tears at least once a week, but it was so incredibly fulfilling. I feel so fortunate to have found a great place like Bark and Biscuit to work at where I get to continue my love for helping both animals and people! With the knowledge they have taught me and with the help of our trainers my two rescued shelter dogs that came from off the reservation have grown immensely and have blossomed into confident, obedient dogs, and I know your pup can too! I look forward to being able to continue working with dogs and dog owners!


McKenna Rowley

Administration & Front Desk

As a very sensitive and empathetic person, I’ve always craved the nonjudgmental companionship of animals. Growing up, I begged and begged my parents to let me get a dog. They finally gave in after so many lists of “Top 10 Reasons I Should Get a Dog” and I finally got to have the best friend I had always wanted. When I was 15, I made the decision to live a vegan lifestyle which has really cemented the priority that animals have in my life. I started volunteering at a farm animal rescue which enriched my life in a way that I’ve been missing since. I spent two years getting my Associate’s and then six months as a kennel tech before being hired on at B&B and I couldn’t be happier with the work I’m doing here. I love having the opportunity to help others gain the sense of fulfillment that can only be achieved through building a loving relationship with your dog. Right now I have four rats and look forward to eventually adding a dog to the family!

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Kanyon Roskelley

Kennel Technician & Dog Handler

I first knew that I wanted to work with dogs about two years out of high school when I met a therapy dog during a hospital visit. I had grown up with dogs for most of my life, including an amazing Pitbull/Dalmatian mix name Paige, and several Rottweilers and Schnauzers, but had never considered making a career out of it. I left my job in journalism to pursue dog training and have now been working in the industry since 2017. I joined Bark and Biscuit in 2019 after meeting Ashley and have enjoyed every moment since! I love getting the opportunity to help people, teach and take care of dogs and learn and progress in the industry. I also have an amazing Catahoula who loves getting to come to work with me and working with the dogs herself!


Sarah Wheeler

Kennel Technician, Dog Handler, & Social Media Guru

Most of my family on my Mother’s side all own Shelties, and as a child that definitely shaped my idea of what a dog should be. Fluffy, vocal, and watchful. When I first started to work with dogs at a boarding and daycare facility in 2018, I really began to understand the complexity and different unique characteristics that make up each breed. I became fascinated with learning more and doing my own research about my favorite daycare dog’s breed characteristics. When I found myself looking for a new job, I knew that if I had to take a job that didn’t involve working with animals again I wouldn’t be happy. That’s why I am so glad that I found Bark & Biscuit: an awesome team of knowledgeable and caring professionals that I am proud to be a part of. I feel like I truly understand what the meaning of my life is: to be happy and in the company of animals.


Kalyn Howlett

Kennel Technician & Dog Handler

My name is Kalyn Howlett, I was born and raised in Utah County and have recently moved to Tooele, Utah. I have been working as a Kennel Tech at Bark & Biscuit since May 2021. I have always loved animals and decided I wanted to work with them as well. I grew up having dogs in my home and currently own a cat named Aqua. My motto comes from a fortune cookie, “modify your thinking to handle new situations”.


Bonnie Roley

Kennel Technician & Dog Handler

Dogs have always been my best friends and I’ve always felt like I understand them more than people. I have been around dogs since I was born, all have been rescues, so I’ve been around all sorts of behavioral issues but I’ve always loved my dogs unconditionally. I’m originally from Washington state but set up roots in Utah in 2016 and have enjoyed building my life here. I currently have 2 dogs, Scooby, a 5 year old human reactive Rottweiler mix and Jake, a 9 year old anxious guy who isn’t a fan of other dogs. Working with my boys is what got me interested in the world of dog training, and has given me a lot of practice on how to care for dogs even on their worst days. I‘m so lucky to be with Bark & Biscuit where I can learn and grow more everyday, where my dogs are just as valued and supported as I am. 

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Madisun Cowdell

Kennel Technician & Dog Handler

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Allison Illum

Kennel Technician & Dog Handler

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Dog Walker

Anna Gee

Kennel Technician & Dog Handler

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Rachel Cameron

Kennel Technician & Dog Handler

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