Behavior Training

Our job isn't to 'control' your dog, it's to teach your dog to control itself.

Let’s talk about your dog. That dog you love and who’s crazy-cute, but who drives you a little crazy, too. Whether it’s barking non-stop, lunging at people on walks, or destroying your things…you’re just not sure what to do. Luckily, we do! We’ll help you tackle even the toughest behavioral problems and bring peace back to your household. Many dog owners have troubles finding dog training that actually works with just one program. They hire dog trainers who sell them package after package to get results. Our programs are designed to give you the end result you're looking for with no hidden costs.

Our programs are based on the length of time your dog stays with us verses the amount of time you work with your dog. We have a variety of programs to choose from that produce results! Each program is customized to help you reach your training goals, ranging from $600 -$3400. We focus on the resolution of unwanted behaviors, reliability around distractions and creating a calm dog who you can be proud of around all of your family and friends.

Some of the extras that our programs include that set us apart from other dog trainer's packages: 

  • Unlimited email, text and phone support. We want you to succeed!

  • No time limit on our in-home lessons. (Most trainers limit their lessons to 1-1.5 hours)

  • Training tools included with each package (you will need to provide your own crate at home).

  • Admittance to our FREE on-leash pack walks to help you and your pup practice your new skills.

  • If you feel you've chosen the wrong program or you just want to go bigger, when you upgrade programs within 6 months the FULL price of the smaller program applies to the larger.

As you can probably tell, we do things a little differently! Check out our programs below.


The Patient Pooch Program

The "D.I.Y." Program

Imagine a dog who doesn't jump on friends and family members when they come into your home. A dog who stays on a bed instead of trying to bolt outside every time you open the front door and doesn't bark uncontrollably at the slightest sounds. Would you like people to see you and your dog on a walk and say, "Wow, he's so well behaved!". Imagine owning a dog who doesn't pee on your living room rug and doesn't pull on his leash during walks. We can help!

We will address and solve issues specific to YOUR dog. Everything from pulling on the leash and barking at passersby to jumping up and counter surfing. We can fix it!

Our private lessons are held in your home or at another location suitable to your needs & catered to your training priorities. This package is for the family or individual who wants to be involved with every step of the training.


  • Training Leash (also training collar if needed)

  • Training Videos

  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support for a year

  • Admission into our FREE on-leash client Pack Walks.

1 day of drop off with us + 3 Private Lessons

Lessons consist of:

1 private in-home lesson at go home

2 virtual follow-up appointments



The Calm Canine Program

Let us lay the base foundation for you.

This package is for those who want to have a hands on approach to training their dog but don't have as much time to do the training themselves. Your dog will stay with us for intensive training for a week then return home with a good base foundation for you to continue working with. LET US DO THE HARDEST WORK FOR YOU! This will give you a dog who is trained faster and more reliably, with less effort on your part.


  • 6 concepts: Sit, Down, Place, Off, Leash Manners, Impulse Control

  • All necessary training tools: a leash and a cot bed (you will need a crate when your dog returns home)

  • Training Videos

  • Go home Packet with instructions on maintaining the training

  • Unlimited phone, text and email support for a year

  • Updates via text, email, or Facebook  on your dog's progress

  • Admission into our FREE on-leash client Pack Walks

One week stay with us + 3 private lessons!

Lessons consist of:

1 private in-home lesson at go home

2 virtual follow-up appointments


Give us a call today for a free phone consultation. (801) 231-7311

 Or email us if that's what your prefer!


The Dream Dog Program

Helping you to create the dog of your dreams!

Imagine sitting on the patio of a cafe sipping your coffee, people and dogs walking by and your dog is relaxing at your feet. Picture hiking in the mountains with your dog off leash and having complete control even though a deer just ran across your path.

Training a dog takes lots of time and patience. Let us do all the hard work for you! We take your dog into our home for as long as it takes to reach your training goals (typically an average of three weeks). We teach your dog to become a off-leash reliable, well-mannered, calm member of the family.

We will work with you to determine all of your dog training goals! Besides learning the standard obedience cues, your dog will be taught appropriate behaviors to replace un-wanted behaviors. Upon drop off, your dog's hot new skills will be demonstrated and you will receive a detailed write up and instructions on how you can exercise to maintain them.

This package is for the family or individuals who want the absolute best training experience for their dog. Perfect for those planning a vacation or heading out of town on a work trip.  Space is limited! Contact us to reserve your spot today!


  • Lifetime Support Guarantee

  • All necessary training tools; the right leash, the right collar (remote collar), and a cot bed.  A $300 value!

  • Training Videos

  • Go home Packet with instructions on maintaining the training

  • On-leash training

  • Off-leash training

  • Popular commands including Sit, Sit/Stay, Down, Down/Stay, Place, Off, Heel, Drop it, Leave it, Come, Crate, Quiet, Load up (getting into the car) - Both on and off leash!

  • Field trips and real world distraction training

  • Treadmill training

  • Text or emailed photos of your dog's progress

  • Admission into our FREE on-leash client Pack Walks.

Your dog will stay with us for as long is needed (the average is 3 weeks)
+ Unlimited private follow-up lessons for the life of the dog!

Lessons consist of:

1 private in-home appointment at go home

1 virtual follow-up appointment

Unlimited virtual or in-home appointments depending on dog's needs




Online Training & Virtual Coaching

Training from the comfort of your home.

Just need a little help with basic issues like leash pulling and barking in the home? Try our online training.

Contact us today for more information.